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Investing can be viewed as planting a seed today to bare its future fruit. It is essential to create some level of Financial flexibility and growth outside of trading time for money. To do this you must have knowledge and patience.

The peculiar thing about investing in this current economic climate was evident when turning on the news last year and seeing that many Investment indexes have decreased in value compared to its normal cycle. This decrease in value creates a special investment opportunity as it allows individuals to consider investments that might have not been accessible to them before, which also allows for a good return as investments recover with the economy.

In the Bahamas, the economy has significantly slowed down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but there has been a significant jump in entrepreneurship which inevitably can create more Small Business Investment opportunities. For Bahamian investors with a higher risk tolerance, this can provide an opportunity by partnering with entrepreneurs who may be in need of capital investing in order to start or scale their operations.

Intelligent investing in this current economic can be very beneficial for investors who are willing to stick through the lows to reap the rewards in the future. In the words of world-renowned investor Warren Buffet, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

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